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Small Ruminants

Fecal Egg Count Testing for Grazing Animals

Unfortunately the world of small grazers is presenting us with a snapshot of what future parasite control could be like for our equines. It’s not pretty. Similar parasites plague our goats, sheep and alpaca and luckily the same Fecal Egg Count test for counting worm burden applies. Count your eggs friends!

The number one health problem affecting small grazing animals is internal parasites. Increased resistance to anthlemintics (anti-parasite drugs) has created an immediate demand for integrated parasite management.

The Eggzamin Kit provides everything necessary to conduct your own McMaster-style Fecal Egg Counts. This quick test helps you identify the type of parasites and level of infection. With customized equipment for conducting Fecal Egg Counts, we are here to help you get started.

Working in conjunction with the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ASCRPC) to bring fecal testing to small ruminant owners and breeders, we gratefully link to their site for the latest in: Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep, Goats and Camelids


We are here to help you get started.