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Microscope Test Kits for Fecal Egg Count (FEC). McMaster Method Parasite Management with everything you need plus instructions to manage and establish your own safe and smart worming methods.

Don’t guess. Test!  Our specialized kits provide everything you need to conduct unlimited McMaster Method Fecal Egg Counts. The Eggzamin Microscope Test Kit was designed to make the Fecal Egg Count (FEC) process quick and easy. This common test used by veterinarians and labs all over the world will help you accurately identify parasite eggs (worms) to make educated deworming protocols.

Testing is the responsible choice for sustainable equine and ruminant health management. The Eggzamin Microscope Kit provides you with all the tools you need to test and make cost effective, sustainable choices for your animals.

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“To make this easy, a new company has recently developed a FEC kit that contains a good quality inexpensive microscope all the supplies that are needed and instructions. The company is Eggzamin. I have actually purchased a microscope from them for my own lab and have been very impressed with it.

~ Dr. Ray Kaplan, DVM, PhD.

The Eggzamin Kit and Accessories