Choices we make today affect the future health of our horses. Rotational deworming has led to drug-resistant parasites and experts around the world are calling for a new paradigm in deworming practices. Test First! The Eggzamin Kit helps you conduct a fecal egg count... onsite, in minutes. It’s smarter, safer, and responsible.
Meet Superworm... the drug-resistant parasite we are battling. Watch the short cartoon explaining resistance and the new deworming paradigm.

Leading experts around the world are publishing new information everyday about the fight against superworms. Learn more about why this is important from the leading thinkers in parasitology.

The Eggzamin kit was designed to make the fecal egg count process as quick and easy as possible. The kit provides everything you need to conduct a modified McMaster fecal egg count. This common test is used by vets and labs all over the world.