Eggzamin Pro Kit


The Eggzamin Pro Kit has everything you need to establish your testing lab and conduct multiple tests. It offers a custom binocular microscope with two Eggzamin McMaster slides, and doubles all the necessary accessories for efficiency. Considering that each tests takes about 5 minutes, the kit pays for itself quickly!

The Eggzamin kit provides everything you need to conduct unlimited Fecal Egg Counts. The specialized equipment and instructions will help you determine if deworming is necessary and if your dewormer is working. 

The Eggzamin kit offers professional quality equipment, customized objective lenses.

Kit Contains: Binocular microscope; Two eyepiece; 3 Achromatic Objective lens; Power cord (US and Canada standard); Dust cover; How-To Guide; Eggzamin Microscope Owners Guide; 2 McMasters slides; 2 Flotation solution bottles; 2 50ml beakers; 2 Suction transfer pipettes; Gloves, Collection bags. [FREE SHIPPING]