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Eggzamin Standard Kit

Get one for the barn! The Eggzamin kit provides everything you need to conduct unlimited Fecal Egg Counts. The specialized equipment and free image analysis will help you determine if deworming is necessary and if your dewormer is working.

Not all microscopes are created equal. The Eggzamin kit offers professional quality equipment, customized objective lenses, support and training for online customer identification. *Computer Not Included*
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$ 469

Eggzamin Pro Kit

The Eggzamin Pro Kit has everything you need to establish your testing lab and conduct multiple tests. It offers a custom binocular microscope with two Eggzamin McMaster slides, and doubles all the necessary accessories for efficiency. Considering that each tests takes about 5 minutes, the kit pays for itself quickly! *Computer not included*
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$ 699


Eggzamin FEC Accessory Kit

Everything but the microscope. The Eggzamin Accessory Kit provides all the tools necessary to conduct your own fecal egg count tests. Including: Two Eggzamin McMaster counting slides, two pipettes, two custom flotation cups,  two tweezers and flotation bottle with solution. Shipped USPS Ground *The Eggzamin Accessory Kit doesn’t include free online support or a microscope.

To complete a FEC test you will need a microscope with a mechanical stage and certain objectives to see the parasite eggs.

$ 57.50

Eggzamin McMasters Counting Slide

The Eggzamin McMaster slide is designed to make the fecal egg count process fast and efficient. Made from specialized scratch-resistant acrylic, the space under each grid holds 0.15ml of solution to help you get a quantitative (how many) count of parasite eggs. Shipped USPS Ground.

$ 17.95